LIVE ACTION! from our show Feb 1st @ Firehouse 13 in Providence

20 plays

New Broadcaster tune pulled from a crappy rehearsal recording. Tune is tentatively called “Drug Mule Blues”…It’s catchy, even in the low-fidelity state heard here. Tell us what ya think and win a prize!*

*the prize is a lasting sense  of internal  mental peace and serenity. Not valid in North Dakota. Check with your doctor before attempting internal peace.

From today’s practice session, to celebrate a beautiful spring day here in New England we had a fun little jam. Getting our set together before our first show in what seems like forever, Friday April 6th at Providence Social Club (a.k.a. the old Jerky’s Bar) for a 75orLess Records shocase ( with our labelmates Soma Nova and Suicide Bill. Enjoy!