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New Broadcaster tune pulled from a crappy rehearsal recording. Tune is tentatively called “Drug Mule Blues”…It’s catchy, even in the low-fidelity state heard here. Tell us what ya think and win a prize!*

*the prize is a lasting sense  of internal  mental peace and serenity. Not valid in North Dakota. Check with your doctor before attempting internal peace.

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Victorious demo (recorded live at rehearsal, then overdubs added during my lunch break at the guitar shop. One of the perks of the job heh heh!)…simple punk rock salad with reverb-soaked surf guitar dressing. I usually don’t get too self-reflexive  in my lyric writing but this tune is kind of a personal song, discusses going through a past substance situation and subsequent withdrawals in my early 20s and how I think I somehow came out the other end feeling stronger. I’m not the type to discuss this stuff in detail  so I will let the tune do the talking for me.

As for the recording it’s not the best quality but between this and the Burgess Shale demo I think you can start to get a picture of how Rational Music (aka the next Broadcaster record) will likely end up sounding. Feel free to offer constructive criticism or just say hi so we know someone’s listening!

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