Broadcaster seeks Guitarist for Rock and/or Roll

Howdy y’all! Unfortunately our guitarist Moe is going to be relinquishing his post as Broadcaster’s master of noise and space so we are currently looking for a guitarist to take his place. So if you enjoy reverb, delay, long walks on the beach, and occasional bouts  of reckless speed-infused binge drinking then have we got a job for you! The perfect candidate is someone who can play atmospheric parts but also bring the “rock” when necessary. Backing vocals are a plus. Ability to do slide parts or keyboard is a plus also but not required. So if you love Neil Young, the Wipers, Link Wray, Glenn Branca, Big Star, Silkworm, Wire, Dinosaur Jr, Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West, the Sonics, Guided By Voices, the James Gang, Mogwai, Nirvana, Chavez, Gang of Four, Rapeman, the Posies, Cheap Trick, Black Flag, and Earth then you would be the perfect fit for us. But even if you like some of those bands I think you’d be fine too. Let’s get this turdball rollin’ and start revvin’ up the fuckin rock MA-CHINEEEEEE!

Email us at if you’re interested or might have a lead for someone who might be a good fit.

listen to our tunes here and try to play along! If you need chord charts/tuning info let us know too!